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McLoughlin Piano Tuning
McLoughlin Piano Tuning


Shaun has over 29 years of experience tuning and servicing pianos having started his career as a 17 year old at Middletons Organs where he learnt basic maintenance and repair under owner Roy Havercroft.

Shaun received an education at Newark Technical College on the piano tuning, maintenance & repair course where he gained City and Guilds qualifications in tuning, toning, repair and reconditioning in 1988. The course was the finest choice providing an insight into not only the history and art of piano making and restoration but also practical hands on experience for all the students.

His clients range from private owners to schools and colleges and include examining boards and local theatres. He provides a tuning service, action restorations, re-strings etc and if you are looking to purchase accessories then he can offer a whole range of items to suit your needs.

Shaun is a member of the Federation of Small Businesses and a member of the Pianoforte Tuners Association (PTA) having passed his entrance examination in summer 2010. Shaun is currently working on the executive council of the PTA. The PTA helps customers find local tuner/technicians, provides tuning/service reminders for customers and provides classes, newsletters, and regular conventions for it’s members, where the focus is on continual professional development.

Shaun doesn’t stop there, with the advent of information technology and social media there are now national and international forums where new ideas and materials are shared unselfishly, giving the lie to the myth that this kind of technology occupies an evolutionary cul-de-sac. Beware the technician who thinks he knows it all, Shaun will never stop learning throughout his career.

When at Middletons Organs Shaun also received advice and tuition from Frank Burrows, one of the areas leading piano tuners. Frank is sadly no longer with us having passed away in July 2010. Frank was an exceptional pianist and organist and was a real character, well known throughout the region. Having lived a full life he had many amazing stories to tell including those of his time in the army during WWII. Shaun last saw Frank in 2008, he told Shaun "Music has given me a wonderful life". Frank will be missed by all who knew him.